Global Supply Chain

MOTI strictly controls the quality of products. From material selection to production environment, we rigorously take every single detail in control by selecting top and superior partners.
MOTI products are produced in GMP standard cleanroom, corresponding to RoHS certification standards. The products have been recognized by EU CE, FCC, RoHS international certification.

Self-Development Technology

MOTI has established a lab for independent product development.

The lab can carry out chemistry experiment, physical test, and reliability test, which is a one-stop for product inspection and monitoring. Before we sned our products including device and vape pods to do tests, MOTI will conduct the quality and safety examinations first to ensure the quality and safety.

In the Lab, everyone is professional and has years of experiences in product development and vapes. With their vape knowleadge and ardor in this industry, MOTI is able to bring always-surprising vape products to our users.

Premium Quality & Safe E-Liquid

MOTI vapes uses high-quality e-liquid. Safety is our superiority of products.

Before each flavor is released, we send our products to aerosol analysis and only release them when passed a series of safety tests.

MOTI wants consumers to enjoy their vaping without any hassle and interruption. We carefully inspect our products before they are safely delivered to our customers' hands.

Food Grade

Aerosol Analysis Passed

No Heavy Metal Detected